​What makes Classical Pilates different from Contemporary Methods?
Your invited to experience Real Pilates the way Joseph Pilates intended it to be taught.
Real Pilates LA teaches Real Classical Pilates using all the Real Classical Pilates apparatus Joseph Pilates created.
Go Beyond the Reformer at Real Pilates LA.

Currently there are various interpretations of Joseph Pilates’ work and some contemporary formats of the method lose sight of the original format and technique.  Joseph and his wife Clara originally taught his program informally to his “apprentices” that involved years of observing and practicing what Joe did.   As Pilates as an exercise method increases in popularity, some training programs deviate from the original method and can be considered  “Pilates based exercise”.  Staying true to the original principles created by Joe, is referred to as teaching Classical or Pure Pilates.  This is what we teach at Real Pilates LA.

 Private Classical Pilates Studio 
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